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The Cyber Riddler is a podcast that discusses interesting topics in the field of information security. It explores different areas and situations in real-life cyber security engagements and activities. Episodes feature guests from different backgrounds such as hackers, security analysts, cyber security managers, bug bounty hobbyists and more.

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Zero-Day Exploits
June 04, 2024x
00:11:337.98 MB

Zero-Day Exploits

In this episode of The Cyber Riddler podcast, we venture into the shadowy world of zero-day exploits, one of the most well known threats in the cybersecurity world . Zero-day exploits represent vulnerabilities that can be targeted before they are even known to exist, making them a significant concer...

Threat Hunting
March 26, 2024x
00:06:334.53 MB

Threat Hunting

In this episode, delve into the world of cyber security through the lens of expert threat hunters. As they navigate the complex digital landscape, these skilled professionals employ advanced techniques and tools to investigate systems meticulously. Their mission: to unearth hidden implants and paylo...

Phishing World
February 06, 2024x
00:08:145.7 MB

Phishing World

In this episode of The Cyber Riddler, We dive into the cunning world of phishing scams, focusing on how Normal Users are reacting to these emails and how SOC (Security Operations Center) analysts can expertly analyze suspicious emails. We outline the essential tools and steps for dissecting emails, ...

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