Dive into cybersecurity's captivating world with our latest episode on Vulnerability Research! Discover the secrets of ethical hackers, uncover different vulnerabilities, and explore responsible disclosure processes. Get insider tips and tricks to level up your cybersecurity knowledge. Our guest Kevin is a renowned cybersecurity specialist and ethical hacker with years of experience and a keen eye for security flaws. Kevin has contributed significantly to making the digital landscape safer for users around the globe. In this episode, Kevin shares his journey into the exciting realm of ethical hacking, the methodologies they employ to identify vulnerabilities, and the responsible disclosure practices they follow. Their insights and discoveries are sure to captivate and inspire cybersecurity enthusiasts of all levels.

Kevin's YouTube Channel:

  • https://www.youtube.com/@kevinbackhouse

Kevin's Bio:

  • https://thecyberriddler.com/person/kevin-backhouse

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Kevin Backhouse
Kevin Backhouse
Security Researcher